About Us

EIS was started in Jacobs in 1987 by brothers Celes and Gino da Silva, a Mechanical Engineer and Chartered Accountant respectively. Raised on a small farm on the South Coast the brothers posed a strong work ethic coupled with “a boer maak ‘n plan” attitude, no challenge was too small. In August 2003 the business burnt to the ground. Down but not out, they stood up and started again.
Today it is Durban's largest professionally run independent engineering and industrial supplier, with the widest range. EIS services the manufacturing, engineering and fabrication industries as well as the DIY market.
EIS was the first shop in Durban to sell both fasteners and tools under one roof, and the first industry shop to offer the self-service shopping experience. Every order is important no matter how small or large the customer or size of order. The success of the company can be attributed to the ambitions and hard work of the owners, dedicated team and the innovative self-service set up which has since been copied but never mastered by our competitors.
Customer service is paramount and the core focus of the business and the motto is "understanding your needs is our business.”
With EIS becoming a household name, we decided to franchise EIS using our knowledge and the EIS name. Rajen Gounden opened EIS Pinetown in November 2007 and has never looked back. He runs a tidy operation in Crompton Street and has contributed to making the EIS name stronger. Between Jacobs and Pinetown, we have a combined team of over 150 staff.
EIS serves the greater Durban area with a fleet of 30 delivery vehicles between the two branches. We have a range of over 18 000 line items.
EIS is the benchmark for customer service and convenience in the industry, and is still growing 30 years on.
Our Jacobs branch is 2500m² in size, and Pinetown is 1500m² in size, and both branches offer safe and secure parking.
With a wide range on display at all times and a team ready to help, our aim is to satisfy all our customers needs.
We have Technical Representatives ready to assist and advise on specialised requests, including tooling, welding, glueing or any specialized consumables.


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