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Comp 12V 30Lpm Topline

12 Volt Mini Air Compressor (30 lpm) - AC1202     Specifications:   3m power cord that plugs into vehicle power source(cigarette lighter) & mini air compressor &a..

R 679.40 Ex Tax: R 590.78

Comp 100L 3Hp 353Lpm Ryobi

100L Compressor Detroit   3 HP     250 Lpm     Features & benefits:   Air receiver compliant with Occupational Health & Safety act ..

R 10,704.49 Ex Tax: R 9,308.25

Comp 100L Dd Oil Free 750W T/Air

100L Oil Free Trade Air compressor     The TRADEAIR MCFRC244 Oil-Free Silent Air Compressor (100l, 0.75kW x 2, 230V) delivers pure uncontaminated air for use in sensitive environ..

R 8,226.70 Ex Tax: R 7,153.65

Comp 150L 250Lpm 3H 8Bar Detroit Out Of Stock

Comp 150L 250Lpm 3H 8Bar Detroit

Detroit 150L Compressor   2.2kw   150 Litre     Industrial Piston Air Compressors are proven to be a heavy duty machines with an exceptionally long ser..

R 13,252.60 Ex Tax: R 11,524.00

Comp 200L 3Hp Matair

Matair Compressor   200 liter   3Hp     Matair  AIR2090     Capacity: 200 ltr   Cylinder Formation: 2V   ..

R 16,545.00 Ex Tax: R 14,386.96

Comp 24L 1.5Hp Dd 150Lpm Ryobi

Tradeair 24LT 2HP Compressor (MCFRC100)     Specifications:    Tank Capacity: 24L   Motor Capacity: 1.1kW   2850 RPM   230 V / 50 ..

R 2,152.01 Ex Tax: R 1,871.31

Comp 50L 2Hp 120Lpm Dd Matair

Compressor 50 Litre Single Stage  Specifications  Capacity (Litres): 50  Volts/Phase: 220/1  HP: 2,0  KW: 1,5  Displacement l/Min: 195 ..

R 3,912.30 Ex Tax: R 3,402.00

Comp 50L Dd Oil Free 750W T/Air

Tradeair oil free compressor   Tank capacity: 50L    Code: MCFRC243    RPM: 1380     Free air delivery: 150L/min@6bar      Ma..

R 4,635.65 Ex Tax: R 4,031.00

Comp Air Filter 100Mm 3Hp

Compressor Air Filter   100mm   3HP     Air compressor filters, also called air line filters, are used in condensed air lines as a way to stop liquids and solid cont..

R 89.13 Ex Tax: R 77.50

Comp Air Filter 150Mm 5-7Hp

Compressor Air Filter   150mm   5 - 7 HP    Air compressor filters, also called air line filters, are used in condensed air lines as a way to stop liquids and solid ..

R 160.43 Ex Tax: R 139.50

Comp Oil Glass V-0.25 Out Of Stock

Comp Oil Glass V-0.25

Compressor Oil GlassV - 0.25   Oil level sight glass is used widely to check the oil level of the pump in the air compressor.            ..

R 36.10 Ex Tax: R 31.39




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