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Bosch 13Mm Imp Drill 570W

Bosch GSB 570 Profesisonal Impact Drill     Powerful and reliable power tool   Accessible Bosch quality: upgrade your no-name tool to a branded tool from Bosch withou..

R 666.45 Ex Tax: R 579.52

Bosch C/L Drill 18V 50 2X5Ah

Bosch Cordless Drill Combi   GSB 18V-50 Professional   Robust brushless motor for durability and flexibility   Intelligent brushless motor for efficiency, enduranc..

R 6,611.50 Ex Tax: R 5,749.13

Bosch C/L Drill 18V Li 1X1.5Ah

Bosch Cordless Drill   18 Volt   Li-Ion 1.5Ah     TECHNICAL DATA   Torque (soft/hard/max.) 21/54/-Nm     No-load speed (1st ge..

R 1,692.40 Ex Tax: R 1,471.65

Bosch Sds Ham Dril 720W 4-20Mm

Bosch Rotary Hammer with SDS plus   GBH 220 Professional     Technical data   Rated input power: 720   Impact energy: 2 J   Weight..

R 2,288.42 Ex Tax: R 1,989.93

Bosch Sds Ham Dril 790W

Bosh GBH 2-24 DRE Professional Rotary Hammer Drill with SDS plus   GBH 2-24 DRE Professional   The new standard in concrete drilling!     Technical data:..

R 2,679.20 Ex Tax: R 2,329.74

Bosch Sds Max Rot Ham Dril 1100W Out Of Stock

Bosch Sds Max Rot Ham Dril 1100W

Rotary Hammer with SDS max   GBH 5-40 D Professional     Technical Data:   Rated input power*: 1,100 W   Impact energy*: 8.5 J   Imp..

R 6,966.80 Ex Tax: R 6,058.09

Dewalt Drill 13Mm 750W Percussion

Dewalt DWD024 Impact Drill   13mm 750W     Features:   Low weight ensures the drill is easy to use and it reduces user fatigue   Compact des..

R 1,445.09 Ex Tax: R 1,256.60

Drill Set Asst 15Pc Tork Craft

Tork Craft Drill Bit Set   15 piece     Combo Wood and Masonry and High Speed Steel.   In Plastic container     Power tool access..

R 143.05 Ex Tax: R 124.39

Drill Set Wood 5Pc Tolsen

Tolsen Wood Drill Set   5 piece   4, 5, 6, 8 and 10mm     High quality carbon steel   DIN338   Hardened and tempered   ..

R 65.21 Ex Tax: R 56.70

Magbase 1550W 35Mm Micro-Tec

Magnetic Base Drilling Machine   35mm   Micro-Tec     Specification :   Rated Voltage (V) 110/220V   Rate Frequancy (Hz) 50/60Hz ..

R 10,071.00 Ex Tax: R 8,757.39

Mak482 Cl Dr 2Sp 18V3.0A 2Bat+Ch

Makita 18V Li-Ion LXT Cordless Impact Drill/Driver   DHP482RFEW     The Makita DHP482 is a compact White Combi Drill with an overall length of only 198mm.  &n..

R 5,649.65 Ex Tax: R 4,912.74

Makita Mt Rot Ham Dril Sds 710W

Makita MT Rotary SDS Hammer   M8700B   22mm 710W     Operation mode change lever positioned on the bottom of gear housing for reduced possibility of bre..

R 2,461.85 Ex Tax: R 2,140.74

Stanley C/Less Ham Dr 18V Li-Ion

Cordless Hammer Drill 18V     No Load Speed (rpm): Gear 1: 0-400 Gear 2: 0-1600     Max Torque 51.4Nm (Gear 1)   Chuck Capacity 13mm  ..

R 2,498.49 Ex Tax: R 2,172.60

Air Die Grinder 6Mm Hd Matair

Die grinder - Industrial HEAVY Duty die Grinder 7320   Aluminium alloy housing is rugged yet lightweight   Lock off throttle to prevent accidental start up   Rear exh..

R 2,225.97 Ex Tax: R 1,935.63

Air Drill 10Mm Rev Matair

Industrial Duty Reversible Air Drill   AIR7410   Powerful air motor resists stalls and conserves energy.   Triple idler planetary gearing for smooth operation and e..

R 1,262.90 Ex Tax: R 1,098.17

Air Drill 13Mm Hd Rev Matair

Heavy Industrial Duty Reversible Air Drill 7409   Powerful air motor resists stalls and conserves energy   Triple idler planetary gearing for smooth operation and extended tool..

R 2,409.07 Ex Tax: R 2,094.84

B&D Circ Saw 190Mm 66Mm 1250W

Black & Decker Circular Saw With Laser    CS1250L-QS   Blade Diameter: 190.0 mm   Depth of cut   Product Type: Circular Saw     Power So..

R 1,251.20 Ex Tax: R 1,088.00

Black & Decker 1/3 Sheet Sand 135W Ka300

Black & Decker 1/3 Sheet Sander   135W   KA300   Clip paper attachment holds paper fast whilst sanding. Easy fitting or removal of sand paper.   VE..

R 564.70 Ex Tax: R 491.04

Black & Decker Belt Sander 75X533 720W

Black & Decker Belt Sander   720w   75 x 533mm   KA88-QS   Ideal for large surface areas, e.g. floors and tables   Smaller front roller f..

R 1,475.50 Ex Tax: R 1,283.04

Black & Decker Blower 530W 16000Rpm

Black & Decker Single Speed Blower   BDB530-B9 DIY   The Black & Decker 530W Single Speed DIY Blower is compact and lightweight and is ideal for any DIY tasks around th..

R 647.20 Ex Tax: R 562.78

Black & Decker Drill 13Mm 550W Var Spd

Black & Decker Drill 13mm Hammer Drill    550 W   Variable speed     550W powerful motor for higher working efficiency and longer durability &nbs..

R 680.70 Ex Tax: R 591.91

Black & Decker Drill 710W

Black & Decker Keyed Chuck Hammer Drill   With Kit box 710W VSR 13mm   710W power suitable for home drilling   Hammer action suitable for drilling into masonry &..

R 852.39 Ex Tax: R 741.21

Black & Decker Heat Gun 1750W

Heat Gun 1750W   2 x Heat & airflow settings   Airflow: Speed 1: 578 lt/min. Speed 2: 740 lt/min   Temperature range: 460 - 600ºC   Built in stand for hands..

R 375.71 Ex Tax: R 326.70

Black & Decker Multievo Ham Dr Head

Black & Decker Multievo Hammer Drill Head   MTHD5-XJ   Hammer action allows you to drill into concrete or masonry   10 torque settings for perfect screwdriving ..

R 564.70 Ex Tax: R 491.04

Black & Decker Multievo Impact Dr Head

Black & Decker Multievo Impact Driver Head   MTIM3-XJ   The impact mechanism prevents stripping of screw heads; easily drives bolts and removes rusty screws   Q..

R 593.49 Ex Tax: R 516.08

Black & Decker Multievo Jigsaw Head

Black & Decker Multievo Jigsaw Head   MTJS1-XJ   On a single charge the jigsaw attachment can cut 19.5m of laminate flooring which is enough flooring to fill a 36m² room. W..

R 459.30 Ex Tax: R 399.39

Black & Decker Multievo T/Saw Head Out Of Stock

Black & Decker Multievo T/Saw Head

Black & Decker Multievo Trim Saw Head   MTTS7-XJ   Lightweight, compact design for comfort and control   Spindle lock for easy blade change   Ideal ..

R 752.61 Ex Tax: R 654.44

Blk & Decker Multievo 18V Drill

Black & Decker Multievo Starter Kit   MT218KB-QW   Comes with Drill Driver Head and extra Battery (18V /1.5Ah).   10 torque settings for perfect screwdriving int..

R 2,204.19 Ex Tax: R 1,916.69

Bosch 13Mm Imp Dril 850W Rev 2Spd

Bosch GSB 19-2 RE Impact Drill   850W   Technical Data:   Rated input power: 850w Weight: 2.6 kg No-load speed: 0 - 1,000 / 3,000 rpm   Rated speed:..

R 3,084.75 Ex Tax: R 2,682.39

Bosch 13Mm Imp Drill 750W Var/Rev

Bosch Impact Drill – 750w   13mm   Drill Capacity:   Steel 12mm   Concrete 16mm   Masonry 18mm   Wood 30mm   Speed: 0 – 3000 rpm&n..

R 1,435.44 Ex Tax: R 1,248.21

Bosch C/Less S/Driver 3.6V New

Bosch C/Less S/Driver 3.6V

Cordless Screwdriver 3.6V   33 Piece   Bosch        Cordless screwdrivers are versatile electric hand tools designed to drive screws.  &..

R 1,057.54 Ex Tax: R 919.60

Charger Battery 18V 2Ah Stanley New

Charger Battery 18V 2Ah Stanley

Charger Battery   18V 2Ah   Stanley       They are generally used to charge small capacity batteries (2–30 Ah).   They are also used t..

R 507.90 Ex Tax: R 441.65

Dewalt C/L Dr 18V 1.5Ah Cw Acc On Special

Dewalt C/L Dr 18V 1.5Ah Cw Acc

DeWalt Cordless Drill 18V    Max Torque (Hard): 42 Nm     - Torque settings: 15     - No Load Speed:   Gear 1:  0-450 rpm    ..

R 3,400.00 R 3,400.00 Ex Tax: R 2,956.52

Dewalt C/L Drill 18V 5.Ah Prem Bl Hdd New

Dewalt C/L Drill 18V 5.Ah Prem Bl Hdd

Dewalt Cordless Hammer Drill   18V 5.Ah Prem Bl Hdd   Dewalt DCD996P2-ZA       Specifications:   Battery chemistry: XR Li-Ion  &..

R 6,736.19 Ex Tax: R 5,857.56

Dewalt Drill 26Mm Sds+ 3 Mode

DeWalt Drill  26mm SDS+ 3 mode   Impact energy 2.6 J   Maximum drilling capacity:   Concrete  26 mm Core bit    50 mm  Wood&n..

R 2,821.30 Ex Tax: R 2,453.30

Drill C/Less 20V Slammer Worx New

Drill C/Less 20V Slammer Worx

SLAMMER WORX Cordless Drill   20V   WX354.1   As powerful as a rotary hammer. As compact as a drill-driver.   Active Hammer Technology   Delivers mass..

R 4,345.55 Ex Tax: R 3,778.74

Hikoki Drill Imp 2Sp Var/Rev 690W 13Mm

Impact Drill - 690W13mm 2 Speed:  Low: 0 - 1000rpm  High: 0 - 3000rpmDrill Capacities:  Concrete - 18mm (low speed)  Steel - 13mm (low speed)Variable Speed trigger dial  ..

R 3,187.80 Ex Tax: R 2,772.00

Mak Imp Ham Drill 720W C/Wcase

Makita Impact Hammer Drill   HP2051   720W   Comes with Case     Specifications:   Continuous rating input: 720W   Conc..

R 2,970.45 Ex Tax: R 2,583.00

Makita C/Less Battery 18V 3.0Ah

Makita 18V Rechargeable Cordless Battery   HP2051     Specifications: Voltage: 18V   DC18RC Charging times:   18V Li-Ion 5.0Ah: 45 min / 4.0..

R 1,376.55 Ex Tax: R 1,197.00

Makita C/Less Battery Charger Dc18Rc

Makita Cordless Battery Charger    DC18RC has a cooling fan and Active 3 Controls. This means that during the loading of the charging voltage, charging current, and temperature is held ..

R 1,231.70 Ex Tax: R 1,071.04

Makita Drill 720W 13Mm 2Spd Rev/Var

Impact Drill - 720W2 Speed:  Low: 0 - 1200rpm  High: 0 - 2900rpmDrill Capacities:  Concrete - 20mm  Steel - 13mmVariable Speed trigger dial  This product has been checked..

R 2,535.80 Ex Tax: R 2,205.04

Makita Rot Ham Dr 20Mm C/Less

18V Cordless Rotary Hammer Voltage: 18V 3.0Ah Capacity: Concrete: 20mm Steel: 13mm Wood: 26mm No load speed(r/min) / Impacts per min: 0-1,100r/min / 0-4,000 This product has been checked by ..

R 3,765.95 Ex Tax: R 3,274.74

Makita Screwdriver 570W Fs2700

Makita Drywall Screwdriver   750W   FS2700     Specifications:   Continuous rating input: 570W   Drywall screw: 6mm Self drilling sc..

R 3,186.40 Ex Tax: R 2,770.78

Met Cl Impdr 18Vli 2Ahx2Bat &Acc

Metabo Cordless Impact Drill    Mobile workshop: plastic carry case with a wide range of accessories for drilling, screwdriving and more   Powerful Metabo 4-pole motor for fas..

R 4,200.61 Ex Tax: R 3,652.70

Metabo 650W 13Mm Hd Imp Drill Rev Sbe650

Metabo Impact Drill 13mm 650w     Rated input power: 650 W   Maximum torque: 9 Nm   Drill-Ø masonry: 16 mm   Drill-Ø concrete: 14 mm &nbs..

R 1,302.70 Ex Tax: R 1,132.78

Metabo Imp Drill 760W

Metabo Impact Drill   760W   Vario (V)-Electronics for working with customised speeds for the materials used   Thumbwheel for preselection of speed   Me..

R 2,139.45 Ex Tax: R 1,860.39

Metabo Sp Rotary Hammer 800W

Metabo Rotary Hammer Drill     800W   Impact Energy: 2.3J   Drill Capacity:   Concrete 26mm   Masonry with core bit 68mm  ..

R 3,418.19 Ex Tax: R 2,972.34




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