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Air Brush Set T/Air

Air Brush Kit - NO CANISTER  Suitable for general art work,  drawing, crafts, plastic model and art student use.  SPECIFICATIONS:Body Length (mm): 150Nozzle Size (mm): 050Regulator..

R 306.60 Ex Vat: R 266.61

Air Drill 10Mm K/Tony Out Of Stock

Air Drill 10Mm K/Tony

REVERSIBLE AIR DRILL 3/8″ 1800RPM   Reversible Air Drill 3/8″   Reversible action and one hand reverse lever   Positive action trigger to speed control   Approp..

R 1,782.99 Ex Vat: R 1,550.43

Air Gun Metal Kit 5Pc Rot/Jav

Air Duster Kit - 5 piece   Gun Metal  Range of 3 nozzle lengths.   Quick coupler and hose tail connection options.   ..

R 112.30 Ex Vat: R 97.65

Air Impact Wr 1/2" K/Tony 678Nm

King Tony - 1/2"DR. impact wrench 678nm   Aluminum alloy housing   Nickel chrome molybdenum square driver      Variable speed trigger   Muffled on fro..

R 4,665.00 Ex Vat: R 4,056.52

Air Impact Wr 1/2" M/Tec 680Nm Out Of Stock

Air Impact Wr 1/2" M/Tec 680Nm

Micro - Tec 1/2" Drive Impact Wrench Kit.  Contents:1/2" Drive Impact Wrench. 1/2" Drive Sockets: 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 22 and 24mm.  Mini Oiler and Oil Bottle. ..

R 2,318.00 Ex Vat: R 2,015.65

Air Impact Wr 1/2" Matair

Rocking dog hammer system wrench delivers an excellent torque to weight ratio   Simple to maintain   Positive action trigger for speed variation   Available with regul..

R 1,957.99 Ex Vat: R 1,702.60

Air Impact Wr 1/2" Value-Air

Valu-Air Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench ½”   RP7430   Twin hammer design that delivers an instantaneous balanced blow, reducing vibration and transferring more torque   ..

R 1,220.00 Ex Vat: R 1,060.87

Air Impact Wr 3/4" Matair

Air Impact Wrench – ¾”   AIR7210   Twin hammer impact leads to well-balanced torque   3/8”, 13mm, 20mm and 25mm options   More power per pound than pin clu..

R 7,804.00 Ex Vat: R 6,786.09

Air Impact Wr Kit 1/2" Matair Out Of Stock

Air Impact Wr Kit 1/2" Matair

Air Impact Kit - 17 Piece  Max Torque: 311 Nm Air consumption: 113Lpm  Working Pressure: 6.3 Bar  13mm Air Impact Wrench  13mm Square Drive sockets: 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17..

R 2,435.00 Ex Vat: R 2,117.39

Air Riveter 2.4-4.8Mm Matair

Matair Rivieter – Industrial Duty Air Tool     Specially profiled three-piece jaw   Comfortable extra long lever mechanism     Capacity 2.4 - ..

R 2,334.99 Ex Vat: R 2,030.43

Air Riveter 3/16 Kuani Hyd

Air Riveter     4.8mm Pneumatic Riveter     Steel Rivets Up to 4.8mm    Traction Power: 850kg   Air Pressure: 90Psi   Nose Pieces: 3/..

R 2,106.00 Ex Vat: R 1,831.30

Air Sander 6" 150Mm Matair

Air Sander - Industrial Duty Dual Action   AIR 7440   Powerful air motor   Teasing throttle provides precise control   Accepts stick on or velcro style 150m..

R 1,909.00 Ex Vat: R 1,660.00

Air Sander 6" 150Mm Value-Air

Value-Air Air Sander    Designed for final surface grinding and designed for long-term continuous operation.    Air grinder for abrasive surface treatment, polishing weld..

R 1,034.00 Ex Vat: R 899.13

Air Scaler Aircraft

Air Needle Scaler   Brand: Aircraft   Professional needle scaler from removing paint, rust or welding slag.   Can be used on textured surfaces, example checke..

R 1,145.00 Ex Vat: R 995.65

Air Stapler 6-22 Matair Out Of Stock

Air Stapler 6-22 Matair

Matair Air Stapler    AIR8405   Aluminium alloy housing is rugged yet lightweight   Positive trigger action   Slim magazine for accessibility into tight ..

R 2,293.00 Ex Vat: R 1,993.91

Bilge Pump 2000Gph 12V

Bilge Submersible Pump    Rating: 2000 Gallons per hour    12 Volt   10 amp   29 mm ID hose            ..

R 1,034.00 Ex Vat: R 899.13

Blower 620W Bosch

Bosch Professional Blower   GBL 620     Mind-blowing power in its class   Ideal power-to-weight ratio   Offers highest cleaning efficiency amo..

R 963.00 Ex Vat: R 837.39

Blower C/Less & 3Ah Batt 18V Makita Out Of Stock

Blower C/Less & 3Ah Batt 18V Makita

Makita Cordless Mini Blower   18V LXT Lithium‑Ion     Features:   Makita-built variable 3-speed motor produces a maximum air velocity of 219 MPH  &..

R 1,522.00 Ex Vat: R 1,323.48

Brad Nailer Af506 Makita

Makita 2” Brad Nailer, 18 Gauge     Handy and lightweight brad nailer.   Tool-less depth adjustment and clear jam release.   Rubber bumper protects the woo..

R 2,311.99 Ex Vat: R 2,010.43

Brad Nailer F-Type 18Ga A/Craft

Pneumatic Brad Nailer   F-Type 18GA   AirCraft     Contact safety mechanism   Fastner range 10 - 32mm   Light Weight   &n..

R 760.00 Ex Vat: R 660.87

Brad Nailer Pb131 Rapid

Rapid Brad Nailer - PB131     Features:   For brad No. 8, 15-50 mm.     Sequential actuation trigger.   360° adjustable air e..

R 2,096.00 Ex Vat: R 1,822.61

Brad Nailer T-Type 16Ga A/Craft

Pneumatic Brad Nailer   T-Type 16GA   AirCraft     Contact safety mechanism   Fastner range 15 - 50mm   Light Weight   &n..

R 1,303.00 Ex Vat: R 1,133.04

C/L Dril & Charger 18V 1.5Ah B&D Out Of Stock

C/L Dril & Charger 18V 1.5Ah B&D

Cordless Dril & Charger   Black & Decker  18V 1.5AH     Ideal for any DIY drilling and screwdriving jobs around the home, in timber, metals and plastics &n..

R 989.00 Ex Vat: R 860.00

Carbon Brush For D25133K-Za

Carbon Brush pair for D25133K-ZA   Brand: Dewalt     These brushes are a self-lubricating type.       Carbon brushes are one of the best ele..

R 114.10 Ex Vat: R 99.22

Carbon Brush For Dwd024-Za

Carbon Brush For Dwd024-Za   Brand: Dewalt     These brushes are a self-lubricating type   Carbon brushes are one of the best electrical conductor..

R 118.90 Ex Vat: R 103.39

Carbon Brush For Dwe4010-Za

Carbon Brush For Dwe4010-Za series angle grinder   Brand: Dewalt     These brushes are a self-lubricating type   Carbon brushes are one of the best..

R 43.80 Ex Vat: R 38.09

Carbon Brush For Dwe496-Za

Carbon Brush For Dwe496-Za   Brand: Dewalt     These brushes are a self-lubricating type   Carbon brushes are one of the best electrical conductors..

R 282.30 Ex Vat: R 245.48

Dremel 3000 M/Tool C/W 10P Acc Out Of Stock

Dremel 3000 M/Tool C/W 10P Acc

Dremel 3000-15 F0133000JA Multifunction tool incl. accessories     The Dremel 3000 is the perfect all-round multitool with the new innovative EZ Twist Nose cap.   With th..

R 1,292.31 Ex Vat: R 1,123.75

Dremel 3000 M/Tool C/W 25P Acc

Dremel 3000-1/25 F0133000JP Multifunction tool incl. accessories     Dremel 3000 Multi-function tool with bendable shaft and 25 original openers.    All components are in..

R 1,653.00 Ex Vat: R 1,437.39

Dremel 420

20 Dremel Genuine Heavy Duty Emery Cut-Off Wheels   24mm Diameter   1mm thick   420    For slicing and cutting in metal, wood and plastic.  ..

R 101.69 Ex Vat: R 88.43

Dremel Electric Engraver 230V Out Of Stock

Dremel Electric Engraver 230V

Dremel 230V F0130290JM Electric Engraver   Power: 35W   Plug variant: EU   Weight: 310g   Tools features: strokes per minute: 6000   Supply voltage: 2..

R 825.00 Ex Vat: R 717.39

Drill Pump For Elec Drill 3/4

Drill Pump   Connects to any electric drill  Ideal to transfer water out of one container into another.  Not specialised drill pump.  Suction 2,5m  3/..

R 120.20 Ex Vat: R 104.52

Glue Gun Trig 69-665 Stanley

Stanley Heavy Duty Glue Gun   69-665   40 Watts Rating: Semi-Industrial  Length: 190mm   Width: 40mm   Height: 165mm   Weight: 400g&nbs..

R 562.01 Ex Vat: R 488.70

Glue Gun Trig Rapid Eg212

Rapid Glue Gun - EG212  12 Watts Features:   250 g/hour glue output.   3-6 min heating time.   Adjustable stand for gluing in best position.   Silicon..

R 299.81 Ex Vat: R 260.70

H/Pres Cleaner 1200W P/Plus

PowerPlus High Pressure Cleaner 1200W   POWXG90400     Description:   This 1200W high pressure cleaner delivers a water flow up to 390l/hour at a maximum pre..

R 1,540.00 Ex Vat: R 1,339.13

H/Pres Cleaner 1400W Karcher K2.21

Karcher K2 Compact High Pressure Cleaner    Technical data:   Current type (V/Hz): 220 - 240 / 50 – 60   Pressure (bar/MPa): max. 110 / max. 11   Flow rate..

R 2,181.00 Ex Vat: R 1,896.52

H/Pres Cleaner 1600W Karcher K3 Out Of Stock

H/Pres Cleaner 1600W Karcher K3

High Pressure Washer K 3 Full Control    The ideal pressure washer for occasional use on light dirt.    The K 3 Full Control displays the pressure on the trigger gun – en..

R 3,714.01 Ex Vat: R 3,229.57

H/Pres Cleaner Foam Jet Karcher

Karcher High Pressure Foam Jet Cleaner     FJ 6 foam nozzle with extra powerful foam for easy cleaning of all surfaces such as paint, glass and stone.   Ideal for vehi..

R 449.20 Ex Vat: R 390.61

Hand Pump C/W Gauge

Hand Pump        With Booster and Gauge               Manually operated hand pump to inflate tyres   3 nozzle adap..

R 124.80 Ex Vat: R 108.52

Hot Air Gun 2Step Hd 2000W Met

Metabo Hot Air Gun    HE 20-600 (602060500)    Specifications:    Air volume: 150300500 l/min // 5 / 11 / 18 cfpm   Number of air volume levels: ..

R 2,317.00 Ex Vat: R 2,014.78

Makita Mt Std Blower 530W

Makita Blower M4000B    In-line and ergonomically designed grip for easy applying the nozzle to the target to be blown away.   Double insulation and variable speed.  &nbs..

R 1,086.00 Ex Vat: R 944.35

Makita Std Blower 600W 16000Rpm 1102

Makita Blower 600w   UB1102   Dust bag NOT included. Technical Data:   Continuous rating input: 600W   Air volume UB1102: 4.1m³/min  ..

R 1,631.00 Ex Vat: R 1,418.26

Martlet Drill Press Bench 550W Mm500Dp

Martlet 16mm Bench Drill Press  Martlet Model : MM550DP  Motor : 230V – 50Hz – 550W  Drill Chunk : 16 mm  Swing : 260 mm  Spindle Speed : 12 speed, 30..

R 5,433.00 Ex Vat: R 4,724.35

Martlet Drill Press Bench 750W Mar-380An

Martlet Floor Drill Press   20mm, 750W    SKU MM750DP    Description:   Magnetic Switch   Cover Micro Switch   Eye Protect..

R 9,158.00 Ex Vat: R 7,963.48

Metabo Hot Air Gun 1600W 550'C

Metabo Hot Air Gun  H 16-500   601650000    Wide range of uses: removal of varnish, shaping, crimping, welding and much more.    Characteristics  ..

R 1,578.00 Ex Vat: R 1,372.17

P-Pumps Submersible Pump 0.25Kw

Pro-Pump Drainage Pump - Submersible.  0.25Kw.   Handle soft solids of up to 35mm.   Automatic on/off.    Reliable design High Clearance.    ..

R 1,666.01 Ex Vat: R 1,448.70

P-Pumps Submersible Pump 0.55Kw

Pro-Pumps Submersible Drainage Pump   0.55Kw.   Handles soft solids of up to 35mm.    Automatic on/off.    Reliable design High Clearance.   ..

R 2,500.00 Ex Vat: R 2,173.91

Stanley Glue Gun Mini Hobbies

Stanley Glue Gun mini for crafts and hobbies.    12 WattsTrigger feed mechanism regulates glue flow.     Hot melt mini trigger glue gun.     For craft and ..

R 240.70 Ex Vat: R 209.30

Staples 22Mm Matair 5000Pc

OTHER AIRThis product has been checked by EIS, and we offer it to you with full confidence in its ability to serve your specific industrial or DIY needs. EIS distributes engineering & industrial s..

R 257.11 Ex Vat: R 223.57

Submersible Pump 1000Lph 10Mt

Waterfall pump inline / submersible flow pump    1000 l/hr   WF1000-STD    Fish pond / fountain pump with adjustable flow     A high-functio..

R 1,220.00 Ex Vat: R 1,060.87

Submersible Pump 600Lph

BICISA Pump - Multi functional submersible 600 L/hr   5m x 3 core cable   1 meter high max   8 W   50 Hz   220-240 V    BICISA-600..

R 812.00 Ex Vat: R 706.09

Submersible Pump 700Lph 10Mt

Waterfall 3-core Submersible Water flow Pump   700 L/hr   Outdoor 10m cable   1.2 meter high max   10 W   50 Hz   220 V    WF..

R 1,160.01 Ex Vat: R 1,008.70

Toni Drill Press 300W 13Mm Bench

Toni Bench Drill Press   TPD-13   13mm    Toni TPD-13 Bench Drill Press 13mm – Ideal for the small workshop & the DIY enthusiastic woodworker.   &..

R 3,167.00 Ex Vat: R 2,753.91

Toni Drill Press 700W 16Mm Floor Out Of Stock

Toni Drill Press 700W 16Mm Floor

Toni Bench Drill Press   TPD-16F     16mm    Toni TPD-16F Floor Drill Press 16mm – Ideal for the small workshop & the DIY enthusiastic woodworker...

R 6,803.06 Ex Vat: R 5,915.70




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