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Spray Gun Brush Cleaning Kit 7P

Set of Cleaning Brushes for Spray Gun    Brush Cleaning Kit.      7 piece.    ..

R 92.30 Ex Tax: R 80.26

Spray Gun Electric Ryobi 140 Bar Out Of Stock

Spray Gun Electric Ryobi 140 Bar

Ryobi Electric Spray Gun - 140 Bar    Features:   Input power: 80 watts.   Max delivery rate: 250 mi/min.   Container capacity: 700ml.   Max pres..

R 811.04 Ex Tax: R 705.25

Spray Gun Gr/Feed Air Craft

Spray Gun   SG AS1001A    Traditional HVLP (high volume low pressure)   Excellent spraying efficiency with minimum pollution   High quality stainless steel..

R 621.60 Ex Tax: R 540.52

Spray Gun Gr/Feed Hp Gav

High Pressure Gravity Cup Spray Gun    GAV162A     Aluminium body    Gravity | Upper paint cup   Cup capacity: 500 ml / (1 litre) ..

R 713.20 Ex Tax: R 620.17

Spray Gun Gr/Feed M/Tec

Spray Gun Gravity Feed  SKU: S901HV   Medium volume, low pressure    Air consumption, (100%) cfm:14.5   Cup size: 600ml   Nozzle size: 1.4..

R 1,021.90 Ex Tax: R 888.61

Spray Gun High Press Gav Out Of Stock

Spray Gun High Press Gav

High Pressure Galvanised Spray Gun   Aluminium body and cover.   Quick release paint cup. Cup capacity: 1000 ml (1 Litre)   Operating pressure: 4 - 8 Bar   Air ..

R 1,163.40 Ex Tax: R 1,011.65

Spray Gun High Press M/Tec

High Pressure Spray Gun     Air consumption (100%): 6 - 10SCFM    Cup size: 650ml    Nozzle Size: 1.3 / 1.5 / 1.7mm    Fluid (Water) Deliver..

R 1,105.32 Ex Tax: R 961.15

Spray Gun High Press Matair

Matair Spray Gun   Heavy Duty   AIR1760   A High pressure spray gun for general use   Pressure: 50 - 80 psi   Nozzle size: 1.5mm    Air..

R 328.20 Ex Tax: R 285.39

Spray Gun High Press Rotary

Javelin Spray Gun   High pressure spray gun    Fluid nozzle: 1.8mm   Air Pressure: 3.5 Bar (50 PSI)   Air consumption: 4.6 - 7.1 CFM   Capacity o..

R 633.73 Ex Tax: R 551.07

Spray Gun High Press Unoair

Unoair High Pressure Spray GunSG-40 Feed type: Gravity Air Pressure: 18-70 psiCup Capacity: 1000 ccNozzle 1mmWeight: 0.47 kgItem Code: SG-40   ..

R 1,536.73 Ex Tax: R 1,336.29

Spray Gun Low Press Value-Air

Valu-Air Spray Gun   Low Pressure   SG112     Type of feed: Pressure   Standard Nozzle: Ø1.3mm   Operating Pressure: 2.0 - 3.5 bar&nbs..

R 216.22 Ex Tax: R 188.02

Spray Gun Mini T/Up Matair

Spray Gun Mini Touch Up  AIR1840   Low Volume Medium Pressure    Gravity feed spray gun for small touch up applications.   Hobbyist use   Bowl size 2..

R 316.95 Ex Tax: R 275.61