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Dromex Classic Ear Muffs Extreme

Dromex Classic Ear Muffs   Extreme   Suitable for airports, excavation equipment, generators and high-frequency welding.   Close-fitting wire headband for:   Co..

R 128.51 Ex Tax: R 111.75

Ear Muffs Red Omega

Omega Ear Muffs   Red     Protects the sensitive eardrums while doing hazardous wor such as grinding or heavy hammering on steel.   A must-have to preven..

R 27.27 Ex Tax: R 23.71

Uvex Earplug Foam With Cord

UVEX EARPLUG FOAM WITH CORD    37 decibels insulation    meets EN 352-2 and additional requirements S, V, W, E    with cord ergonomically pre-shaped dispos..

R 10.21 Ex Tax: R 8.88

Dro Earplug Foam W/O Cord Dis

Dromex disposable Earplugs, without cord     Foam    Soft pliable PU coated foam provides comfortable and effective protection in the high noise environment.   ..

R 2.06 Ex Tax: R 1.79

Dro Earplug Foam With Cord Dis

Dromex disposable Earplugs   Comes with cord     Foam    Soft pliable PU coated foam provides comfortable and effective protection in the high noise environment..

R 2.85 Ex Tax: R 2.48

Dromex Basic Ear Muffs

Dromex Basic Ear Muffs   Designed with comfort in mind   Lightweight and robust design   Self-adjusting ABS cups   Soft foam cushions for all-day comfort  ..

R 55.07 Ex Tax: R 47.89

Dromex Ear Plug Alice Band

Dromex Ear Plug Alice Band   EG-3301B   Constructed of polyacetal resin.   Superior comfort   Hygienic Design   Non-Toxic   Durable  &n..

R 19.09 Ex Tax: R 16.60

Dromex Rubber Earplug C/W Cord Dr-118C

Dromex Rubber Earplug   Comes with cord   DR-118-C   Re-usable ear plugs   Soft detachable cord   Easy to insert into your ear   Suitable fo..

R 3.04 Ex Tax: R 2.64

E/Plug Rubber With Cord Re-Use

EAR SAFETYThis product has been checked by EIS, and we offer it to you with full confidence in its ability to serve your specific industrial or DIY needs. EIS distributes engineering & industrial ..

R 16.10 Ex Tax: R 14.00




EIS services the manufacturing, engineering and fabrication industries as well as the DIY market. Every single EIS order is important, no matter how small or large the customer or order size.

We serve the greater Durban area, with a fleet of 30 delivery vehicles between our two EIS branches.

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