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Industrial Inverter 200Amp - 220V

Industrial Inverter 200AMP - Industrial  220V  Welding Current Range: 20-200Amp   Duty Cycle: 60% @ 200Amp   Suitable for MMA & TIG welding   Excellent weld..

R 2,600.96 Ex Tax: R 2,261.70

T/Weld Inv 200A 220V 60% D/Cycle

Industrial Inverter 200AMP Amperage: 20-200A  Duty Cycle: 60%  Suitable for MMA & TIG welding  Excellent welding characteristics  Industrial use and robust constructio..

R 2,695.14 Ex Tax: R 2,343.60

Trade Weld Inverter Mma140 Kit On Special

Trade Weld Inverter Mma140 Kit

Inverter MMA140 140A - DIY only  220V  Welding current range: 20-140Amp  Duty cycle: 35% @ 140Amp  Ultra Lightweight  Includes: Auto Darkening, Welding Hel..

R 1,350.00 R 1,299.01 Ex Tax: R 1,129.57

Trade Weld Inverter Mma2000 Genx

TRADEWELD INVERTER GENX  200 AMP  220 V  Welding current range: 15-200Amp  Duty cycle: 80% @ 200Amp  Lift TIG mode  Digital Display  IP23  VRD for restricted ar..

R 3,097.15 Ex Tax: R 2,693.17

Heavy Ind Inverter 200Amp - 220V

DC Inverter Welder 200AMP Over Voltage and Over Current protection    Carry handle and convenient shoulder strap Suitable for scratch start TIG welding 60% Duty Cycle Includes: Welding..

R 3,045.00 Ex Tax: R 2,647.83

Industrial Inverter 230Amp - 220V Out Of Stock

Industrial Inverter 230Amp - 220V

MATWELD Inverter DC Arc WelderMAT9065 - ARC230  These models are portable inverter DC ARC Welders. The robust format makes them versatile and effective for a variety of uses. The welder complianc..

R 3,180.56 Ex Tax: R 2,765.70

Light Duty Inverter 200Amp 220V

Lightweight Inverter 200A  220V  Welding Current Range: 20-200Amp  Duty Cycle: 40% @ 200Amp   Lightweight & Portable  Suitable for ARC/TIG welding  Advanced IGBT..

R 2,050.00 Ex Tax: R 1,782.61

M/Weld Mig Welder 250A C/W Kit

MIG Welder 250A  220V  Welding current: 50-250Amp  Duty cycle: 60% @ 250Amp  Wire diameter: 0.8mm - 1.0mm  Wire Capacity: 15Kg roll   Includes: MIG Torch, Earth cabl..

R 9,850.30 Ex Tax: R 8,565.48

Smart Mig350 Itech C/W Torch

SmartMIG 350A380V  50-350A  50% duty cycle @ 350A  Adjustable up slope  Spot time function: 0.5-10 seconds  Adjustable burn back  Adjustable wire speed  4 rol..

R 17,000.00 Ex Tax: R 14,782.61

Trade Weld Mig 200M 220V

MIG 200 M Welder 200AMP    220V  Welding Current range: MIG: 30-200Amp • MMA/TIG: 30-160Amp  Duty cycle: 35% @ 200A  Wire size: 0.6 - 1.0mm  Wire Capacity: 5kg roll&..

R 6,623.00 Ex Tax: R 5,759.13

Trade Weld Mig Tig Arc 220V

TIG MIG ARC Machine  Current range (A):  MMA: 25-250A  TIG: 15-252A  MIG: 50-250A  Duty cycle: 60%@250A  Inductance control dial for fine current adjustment  Voltage..

R 13,097.22 Ex Tax: R 11,388.89

Trade Weld Tig200 Ac/Dc Hf220V

Trade Weld TIG 200  AC/DC HF220V   Welding Current Range: 10-200Amp   Duty Cycle: 60%   MMA & TIG   Digital Display  Light Weight & Portable&nb..

R 8,545.02 Ex Tax: R 7,430.45

Trade Weld Tig200P Ac/Dc Digital

GenX TIG Inverter AC/DC Digital Industrial use   Manufactured to the highest standards using cutting edge 50 KHZ high frequency CPU inverter technology.Digital display  32 Bit high..

R 9,875.40 Ex Tax: R 8,587.30

Tradeweld Plasma Cutter 40A 220V

Plasma Cutter 40A  220V  Amperage: 14 - 40Amps  Duty cycle: 60% @ 40Amps  Max cutting ability: 12mm - Mild steel • 6mm - Stainless • Operating pressure: 4.5 - 5.5 bar  Built i..

R 4,342.43 Ex Tax: R 3,776.03

Tradeweld Plasma Cutter 60A 380V Out Of Stock

Tradeweld Plasma Cutter 60A 380V

Tradeweld Plasma Cutter   Suitable Cutting mild, stainless, aluminium, brass and copper  Built in water trap  Compressor required min 50L 2HP  Excellent Cutting..

R 6,665.01 Ex Tax: R 5,795.66