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Inverter Arc 220A Megatec

Megatec 230A Arc Inverter   MT-D-ARC-230     Description:   The Megatec D-ARC 230 features the latest functions in intelligent welding technology, an upgr..

R 2,593.71 Ex Tax: R 2,255.40

Inverter Mma 200 Javweld

Javweld SkyArcFX Lift Tig 220V Inverter   JW-HE-MMA-200     Left Tig: Easy arc ignition, preventing tungsten contamination.   Anti Stick: Stops output pow..

R 2,789.33 Ex Tax: R 2,425.50

Trade Weld Inverter Mma140 Kit

Inverter MMA140 140A - DIY only     220V   Welding current range: 20-140Amp   Duty cycle: 35% @ 140Amp   Ultra Lightweight    ..

R 1,673.60 Ex Tax: R 1,455.30

Trade Weld Inverter Mma2000 Genx

Tradeweld Inverter GENX     200 AMP    220 V     Welding current range: 15-200Amp   Duty cycle: 80% @ 200Amp   Lift TIG mo..

R 3,451.84 Ex Tax: R 3,001.60

Heavy Ind Inverter 200Amp - 220V

DC Inverter Welder 200A   Over Voltage and over current protection   Carry handle and convenient shoulder strap   Suitable for scratch start Tig welding   60% d..

R 3,260.25 Ex Tax: R 2,835.00

M/Weld Mig Welder 250A C/W Kit

250 AMP Single Phase 220V Inverter MIG Welder   MAT9081N     Compact and lightweight   Inverter based technology   Industrial quality in con..

R 13,330.80 Ex Tax: R 11,592.00

Smart Mig350 Itech C/W Torch Out Of Stock

Smart Mig350 Itech C/W Torch

SmartMIG 350A380V  50-350A  50% duty cycle @ 350A  Adjustable up slope  Spot time function: 0.5-10 seconds  Adjustable burn back  Adjustable wire speed  4 rol..

R 17,000.00 Ex Tax: R 14,782.61

Trade Weld Mig 200M 220V

MIG 200 M  Welder 200AMP     220V   Welding Current range:- MIG: 30-200 Amp- MMA/TIG: 30-160Amp   Duty cycle: 35% @ 200A   Wire size: ..

R 8,250.10 Ex Tax: R 7,174.00

Trade Weld Mig Tig Arc 220V

TIG MIG ARC Machine  Current range (A):  MMA: 25-250A  TIG: 15-252A  MIG: 50-250A  Duty cycle: 60%@250A  Inductance control dial for fine current adjustment  Voltage..

R 17,848.78 Ex Tax: R 15,520.68

Trade Weld Tig200 Ac/Dc Hf220V

Trade Weld TIG 200     AC/DC HF220V   Welding Current Range: 10-200Amp   Duty Cycle: 60%   MMA & TIG   Digital Display  &nbs..

R 10,014.04 Ex Tax: R 8,707.86

Trade Weld Tig200P Ac/Dc Digital

GenX TIG Inverter AC/DC Digital Industrial use   Manufactured to the highest standards using cutting edge 50 KHZ high frequency CPU inverter technology.Digital display  32 Bit high..

R 11,820.94 Ex Tax: R 10,279.08

Tradeweld Plasma Cutter 40A 220V

Plasma Cutter 40A  220V  Amperage: 14 - 40Amps  Duty cycle: 60% @ 40Amps  Max cutting ability: 12mm - Mild steel • 6mm - Stainless • Operating pressure: 4.5 - 5.5 bar  Built i..

R 5,649.65 Ex Tax: R 4,912.74

Tradeweld Plasma Cutter 60A 380V

Tradeweld Plasma Cutter   Suitable Cutting mild, stainless, aluminium, brass and copper  Built in water trap  Compressor required min 50L 2HP  Excellent Cutting..

R 7,243.56 Ex Tax: R 6,298.75