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Blow Torch Mapp Gas Sievert Out Of Stock

Blow Torch Mapp Gas Sievert

Gas Sievert 400g MAPP Disposable Cylinder     For brazing, soldering, heating.     Manufactured according to EU standard   Self closing valve MA..

R 341.35 Ex Tax: R 296.83

Cutting Torch 242 Harris

Harris Cutting Torch    Model Number: 242    Tip Seat Style: Harris    Torch Type: Cutting    Torch Length: 460mm    Torch He..

R 1,899.09 Ex Tax: R 1,651.38

Cutting Torch Uni Br/Blk M/Weld

Matweld Black Handle Cutting Torch   A streamlined cutting torch designed to ensure operator comfort   Heavy duty   Black Handle   Cutting up to 300m..

R 1,735.15 Ex Tax: R 1,508.83

Mig Torch 15A 4Mt Maxweld New

Mig Torch 15A 4Mt Maxweld

MIG Torch 150A - Max-Mig Torch   Maxweld & Braze     Compatible with Binzel Style Consumables     Technical Data   Cooling Metho..

R 839.63 Ex Tax: R 730.11

Mig Torch 36A 4Mt Maxweld Out Of Stock

Mig Torch 36A 4Mt Maxweld

MIG Torch 360A - Max-Mig Torch   Maxweld & Braze      Compatible with Binzel Style Consumables     Technical Data   Cooling Meth..

R 1,788.00 Ex Tax: R 1,554.78

T/Weld Plasma Torch Cut 40

Tradeweld Plasma Torch Cut      Code: EWP0200     Plasma torch for Cut 40 H MCOW4082    •60% Duty cycle @ 40 Amp     •Touch start /drag..

R 832.88 Ex Tax: R 724.24

Tradeweld Tig Torch 17V 4Mt On Special

Tradeweld Tig Torch 17V 4Mt

Tradeweld Tig Torch   Code: EWTT00200   150 Amp Valve operated Tig Torch   60% Duty cycle    17 x 4m tig torch valve   For use with DC inverter w..

R 750.00 R 750.00 Ex Tax: R 652.17

Tradeweld Tig Torch 26V 4Mt On Special

Tradeweld Tig Torch 26V 4Mt

Tradeweld Tig Torch   Code: EWTT00205    Cable Length (m): 4   Duty Cycle (%): 60   200 Amp valve operated tig torch   35/50 Connector  &nbs..

R 880.00 R 880.00 Ex Tax: R 765.22

Tradeweld Tig Torch W26 Acdc Hf

Tradeweld WP26 4m Tig Torch - 250   Torch Valve (EWTT00207)     200 Amp Tig Torch (AC/DC)   200 Amp switch operated Tig Torch   60% duty cycl..

R 1,310.14 Ex Tax: R 1,139.25

Blow Torch Head Map/Pro Sievert

Blow Torch Head  Code: 881647   Mapp/Propane  Item Weight: 1.41 ounces   Measurement Accuracy: 6.5 inches   Model Number: 881647  Brand Name..

R 641.70 Ex Tax: R 558.00

Blow Torch Mini Butane

Mini Blow Butane Torch     The Zengaz ZT-50 Jet Torch is a powerful butane gas lighter with an adjustable jet flame.   The butane jet torch can be used to easily he..

R 159.80 Ex Tax: R 138.96

Blow Torch Multigas 750Ml R/Berger

Rothenberger Multigas 300 cartridge  750ml   Blow torch multigas   Gas under pressure   Only to be used with appropriate Rothenberger appliances with screw conn..

R 156.41 Ex Tax: R 136.01

Blow Torch Set C/W Torch R/Berger

Rothenberger Multigas 300 cartridge set   3 x 750ml Multi Gas cartridges1 x Igniter   1 x Rothenberger Rofire Piezo ignition head   Blow torch multigas   Gas un..

R 1,199.17 Ex Tax: R 1,042.76

Butane Gas Lighter Refill 300Ml

Gas Lighter Refill   Blow Torch Butane Gas refill   300ml   Ultra refined for maximum care and performance.                 &..

R 37.43 Ex Tax: R 32.55

Cutting Torch Uni Brass Javweld

Cutting Torch Uni Brass Javweld   Code: JWG-001   Universal  cutting torch   brass   Heavy duty brass universal cutting torch complete for cutting up to 30..

R 910.80 Ex Tax: R 792.00

Cutting Torch Uni Brass M/Weld

Matweld Cutting Torch Uni Brass   Code: MAT3006EN      Size: 3/8"      Type: Brass Handle       Brand: Matweld     ..

R 1,172.53 Ex Tax: R 1,019.59

Gas Propane 400Gr Harris New On Special Out Of Stock

Gas Propane 400Gr Harris

Gas Propane   Harris   400gr   Use only with torches designed for Propane gas.   These bottles are disposable i.e. non refillable when empty.   ..

R 199.00 R 199.00 Ex Tax: R 173.04

Matweld Mig Torch Bnz250X4M

Matweld Mig Torch     Code: MAT5305   Brand: Matweld    Application: Light Fabrication; Panel Beaters; Exhaust Shops    Current Rating: 250A ..

R 1,639.90 Ex Tax: R 1,426.00

Matweld Mig Torch En150X4M

Matweld Mig Torch      Code: MAT5300     Brand: Matweld    Application: Light Fabrication;Panel Beaters;Exhaust Shops   Current Rating: 150A..

R 1,128.32 Ex Tax: R 981.15

Matweld Mig Torch En360X4M

Matweld Mig Torch   Code: MAT5310   Duty Cycle: 60%   Wire Ø: 0.8 - 1.2mm   Rating: 270 Amp   Length: 4 Metres   Quick release Ergo handlefo..

R 2,260.43 Ex Tax: R 1,965.59

Mig Spool Gun Sb8

Mig Spool Gun     Code: EWB00040   Euro style 130 Amp DC Mig Spool Gun   30% Duty cycle    For use with MIG machines EWM0135-I, EWM0136-I, EWM0137-I, ..

R 2,008.88 Ex Tax: R 1,746.85

Mig Spool Gun Wire Alu 0.9Mm 500G Out Of Stock

Mig Spool Gun Wire Alu 0.9Mm 500G

Mig Spool Gun Wire   Code: EWMG00020   Weight: 500g   Thickness: 0.9mm   Aluminium Roll   5% Silicon, softer than 5356 it is a general purpose filler ..

R 276.40 Ex Tax: R 240.35

Mig Torch Mb25 4Mt Javweld New

Mig Torch Mb25 4Mt Javweld

Javweld Mig Torch   MB25    4 meter       Duty cycle: 60% @ 230A   Wire Size: 0.8 - 1.2mm   ..

R 1,131.89 Ex Tax: R 984.25

Parker Mig Torch Mb15 4Mt

Parker MB15 Mig Torch      Code: P-SGB1500-40ER    Rating: 150A CO2    mixed gas: 130A    duty cycle: 60%     Wire Size:..

R 1,131.26 Ex Tax: R 983.70

Parker Mig Torch Mb25 4Mt

Parker MB25 Mig Torch         Code: P-SGB2500-40ERRating: 230A CO2    Mixed gas: 200A    Duty cycle: 60%     Wire Size: 0.8mm..

R 1,843.68 Ex Tax: R 1,603.20

Parker Mig Torch Mb36 4Mt

Parker MB36 Mig Torch             Code: P-SGB3600-40ER    Rating: 320A CO2    mixed gas: 290A    duty cycle: 60%  &..

R 2,224.56 Ex Tax: R 1,934.40

Parker Mig Torch Mb501 4Mt

Parker MB501 Mig Torch       Code: P-SGB5000-40ER    Rating: 500A CO2     mixed gas: 450A     duty cycle: 60%     Wire S..

R 3,558.33 Ex Tax: R 3,094.20

Parker Tig Torch 17V 12Ft

Parker Tig Torch 17V 12Ft             Code: P-SGT17VFXN2RBD    Rating: 150A DC       Rating: 105A AC     duty cycle..

R 1,899.54 Ex Tax: R 1,651.77

Parker Tig Torch 26V 12Ft

Parker Tig Torch 26V 12Ft        Code: P-SG26VFXN2RBD    Rating: 180A DC Rating: 125A AC  duty cycle: 35%    Length: 4 metre ..

R 1,782.71 Ex Tax: R 1,550.18

Parker Tig Torch 26V H/F 25Ft

Parker Tig Torch 26V H/F 25Ft           Code: P-SGT26FXS125SL   Rating: 180A DC     Rating: 125A AC     duty cycle: 35%  &nbs..

R 3,001.50 Ex Tax: R 2,610.00




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