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Efekto Ant Killer 100Ml

For control of garden and household ants as listed: Black Ants and Brown Ants.   100ml   A pyrethroid insecticide as an emulsifiable concentrate for the control of ants and house..

R 76.65 Ex Tax: R 66.65

Efekto Fendona 6 Sc 50Ml

For control of Pests as listed: Fleas, Fishmoths, Cockroaches (American & German). Flies, Mosquitoes, Ants, Bedbugs, Hide Beetles and Stable Flies  50ml  Contact and stoma..

R 140.82 Ex Tax: R 122.45

Efekto No Weed Paving 750Ml

Efekto No Weed Paving   750ml   A ready to use non-selective, systemic, foliar applied herbicide for the control of certain broadleaf and grass weeds on paving and surrounding a..

R 133.69 Ex Tax: R 116.25

Efekto Supa Kill Rat/Mouse 250G

Efekto Supa Kill Rat/Mouse 250G    A highly active Anticoagulant ready-to-use grain bait for the control of Rats and Mice.   ..

R 55.26 Ex Tax: R 48.05

Powafix Fungi Fix 500Ml

Powafix Fungi Fix   500ml   Fungi, algea and moss cleaner. Kills roots and inhibits regrowth. This product has been checked by EIS, and we offer it to you with full confidenc..

R 27.09 Ex Tax: R 23.56