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Riv-Nut Tool Mandrel 3Mm J/Way

Riv-Nut Tool - Spare threaded mandrel for Riv-Nut Gun - JOT916as   3mm   Jonnesway     ..

R 56.47 Ex Tax: R 49.10

Riv-Nut Tool Mandrel 4Mm J/Way

Riv-Nut Tool - Spare threaded mandrel for Riv-Nut Gun - JOT916ar   4mm   Jonnesway     ..

R 56.47 Ex Tax: R 49.10

Riveter Hand 2.4-4.8 Topline

Topline Hand Riveter     Suitable for rivets from 3.2mm to 4.8mm   TR6312     ..

R 192.18 Ex Tax: R 167.11

Riveter Hand 3.2-4.8 Rp40 Rapid

Rapid RP40 Multi Riverter   3.2 - 4.8mm     Enjoy the efficiency of one-tool riveting.   Thanks to its unique Multi-Nozzle, the RP40 MULTI Hand Riveter ca..

R 490.82 Ex Tax: R 426.80

Riveter Lazy Tong Jaws 3P Fts

Pop Riveter Jaws - pair of 3    For Lazy Tong Pop Riveter - FTS          ..

R 79.30 Ex Tax: R 68.96

Riv-Nut Tool Fascor Fh-20

Fascor Riv-Nut Tool    FH-20   Threaded insert setting tool ideal for DIY enthusiast and the tradesman Places threaded inserts M4 M5 & M6  Presented in a robust easy ..

R 949.22 Ex Tax: R 825.41

Riv-Nut Tool Jonnesway M3-M6 Out Of Stock

Riv-Nut Tool Jonnesway M3-M6

Riveter Nut Tool Kit  Metric size: M3, M4, M5 & M6 Rivnuts   SAE Size: 6-32, 8-32, 10-24, 1/4-20   Jonnesway   Comes with mandrels and nose pieces  &nb..

R 919.51 Ex Tax: R 799.57

Riv-Nut Tool Mandrel 6Mm J/W New

Riv-Nut Tool Mandrel 6Mm J/W

Riv-Nut Tool - Spare threaded mandrel for Riv-Nut Gun - JOT916ap   (V1101-13-1)     6mm     Jonnesway - Threaded Mandrel 6mm    ..

R 50.70 Ex Tax: R 44.09

Riveter Concertina H/D Mitco New

Riveter Concertina H/D Mitco

Mitco Riveter - Concertina   Heavy Duty   Aluminium Alloy Body   With 5 nozzles   3.2mm, 4.0mm, 4.8mm, 6.0mm, 6,4mm   ..

R 860.88 Ex Tax: R 748.59

Riveter Hand 2.4-4.8 Ind Tolsen

Tolsen Hand Riveter   Industrial   TOL43003     Size – 10.5″   Aluminum body   Suitable for aluminium rivets   Applicable ..

R 218.40 Ex Tax: R 189.91

Riveter Hand 2.4-4.8Mm Mitco New

Riveter Hand 2.4-4.8Mm Mitco

Mitco Hand Riveter   2.4 to 4.8mm   Rivet guns are designed to join two pieces of metal or plastic together through a pre-drilled hole    They can be used in making ..

R 207.84 Ex Tax: R 180.73

Riveter Hand 360' Head J/Way

RIVETThis product has been checked by EIS, and we offer it to you with full confidence in its ability to serve your specific industrial or DIY needs. EIS distributes engineering & industrial suppl..

R 555.40 Ex Tax: R 482.96

Riveter Hand H/D 69-799 Stanley

Stanley Riveter - Heavy Duty   69-799     4 nose pieces & wrench store in handle for versatility and convenient storage   Accepts aluminium & ste..

R 299.46 Ex Tax: R 260.40

Riveter Jaws Fh10 (Pairs)

Pop Riveter Jaws - pair of 2    For Hand Pop Riveter FH-10          ..

R 71.82 Ex Tax: R 62.45

Riveter Jaws Fh44 (Pairs)

Pop Riveter Jaws - pair of 2    For Hand Pop Riveter FH-44          ..

R 48.42 Ex Tax: R 42.10

Riveter Lazy Tong 2.4-4.8 Topline

Topline Laxy Tong Riveter     Powerful “lazy tong” concertina type tool for light industrial use   Single pull action designed for fast repetitive applications. It ha..

R 729.72 Ex Tax: R 634.54

Riveter Lazy Tong 2.4-6.4 Fts

Lazy Tong Riveter  FTS  2.4 - 6.4   Can be used with only one hand without any loss of efficiency.  The lazy tong riveters lever action reduces the effort and for..

R 819.95 Ex Tax: R 713.00

Riveter Lazy Tong 2.4-6.4 Tolsen

Riveter Lazy Tong   2.4 - 6.4mm     Tolsen TOL43100     Powder coated Aluminium alloy body   Over 20% labor saving design  ..

R 655.90 Ex Tax: R 570.35




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