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Holts Fire Gum 150 Gr Tube

Holts Firegum   150gr   Eases exhaust assembly and seals all joints.   100% carbon monoxide proof. Simplifies assembly. Withstands white heat.   Quick,..

R 74.83 Ex Tax: R 65.07

Holts Gungum 200Ml Tin

Holts Gun Gum   200ml Tin   Gas tight silencer repair paste. Quick, simple and easy to use.   This product has been checked by EIS, and we offer it to you with full..

R 15.59 Ex Tax: R 13.56

Holts Tyreweld 400Ml

Tyreweld  -  Emergency Puncture Repair  400ml  Small / Medium - up to 16" Tyres  For quick and easy puncture repairs. No tool or jack required. Seal puncture, r..

R 108.25 Ex Tax: R 94.13

Holts Wonderweld 200Ml

Holts Wondaweld   200ml   Permanently seals cracks in cylinder blocks and heads. Repairs leaks in water jackets.   DO NOT add to oil   This product has..

R 63.69 Ex Tax: R 55.38