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Holts Fire Gum 150 Gr Tube

Holts Firegum   150gr   Eases exhaust assembly and seals all joints.   100% carbon monoxide proof. Simplifies assembly. Withstands white heat.   Quick,..

R 80.12 Ex Tax: R 69.67

Holts Gungum 200Ml Tin

Holts Gun Gum   200ml Tin   Gas tight silencer repair paste. Quick, simple and easy to use.   Gun Gum creates a permanent gas tight seal, repairing holes for the li..

R 17.38 Ex Tax: R 15.11

Holts Tyreweld 400Ml Out Of Stock

Holts Tyreweld 400Ml

Tyreweld  -  Emergency Puncture Repair  400ml  Small / Medium - up to 16" Tyres  For quick and easy puncture repairs. No tool or jack required. Seal puncture, r..

R 117.61 Ex Tax: R 102.27

Holts Wonderweld 200Ml

Holts Wonder Weld   Code: WW1    Size: 200ml    Brand: Holts    Repairs internal and external leaks in water Jackets without dismantling.  &..

R 74.77 Ex Tax: R 65.02