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Efekto Ant Killer 100Ml

For control of garden and household ants as listed: Black Ants and Brown Ants.   100ml   A pyrethroid insecticide as an emulsifiable concentrate for the control of ants and house..

R 88.10 Ex Tax: R 76.61

Efekto Fendona 6 Sc 50Ml

For control of Pests as listed: Fleas, Fishmoths, Cockroaches (American & German). Flies, Mosquitoes, Ants, Bedbugs, Hide Beetles and Stable Flies  50ml  Contact and stoma..

R 161.59 Ex Tax: R 140.51

Efekto No Weed Paving 750Ml

Efekto No Weed Paving   750ml   A ready to use non-selective, systemic, foliar applied herbicide for the control of certain broadleaf and grass weeds on paving and surrounding a..

R 153.41 Ex Tax: R 133.40

Efekto Supa Kill Rat/Mouse 250G

Efekto Supa Kill Rat/Mouse 250G    A highly active Anticoagulant ready-to-use grain bait for the control of Rats and Mice.   ..

R 63.40 Ex Tax: R 55.13