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Bottle Jack 4Ton Carco

Carco Hydraulic Jack   4 Ton     Minimum Height: 185mm   Lifting Height: 130mm   Ext. Screw Travel: 70mm   Maximum height: 385mm ..

R 362.78 Ex Tax: R 315.46

Carco Wh Lock Nut Set 12Mmx1.5 Out Of Stock

Carco Wh Lock Nut Set 12Mmx1.5

Carco Wheel Lock Nut Set   12mm x 1.5   This product has been checked by EIS, and we offer it to you with full confidence in its ability to serve your specific industrial or DIY ne..

R 92.75 Ex Tax: R 80.65

Tyre Puncture Repair Kit

Tyre Puncture Repair Kit Carco      Code: YP811    1x rasp tool     1 x split-eye inserting needle   3 x repair strings/plugs   1 ..

R 28.18 Ex Tax: R 24.50