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Comp 150L 3Hp 2.2Kw Matair New

Comp 150L 3Hp 2.2Kw Matair

Matair Compressor 2.2kw|3HP 150L 220V BD   AIR2070   Belt drive compressor - 150 Litre single stage     Suitable for craftsmen who need a compressor for ..

R 12,357.90 Ex Tax: R 10,746.00

Comp 200L 3Hp Matair Out Of Stock

Comp 200L 3Hp Matair

Matair Compressor   200 liter   3Hp     Matair  AIR2090     Capacity: 200 ltr   Cylinder Formation: 2V   ..

R 13,649.58 Ex Tax: R 11,869.20

Comp 50L 2Hp 120Lpm Dd Matair

Compressor 50 Litre Single Stage  Specifications  Capacity (Litres): 50  Volts/Phase: 220/1  HP: 2,0  KW: 1,5  Displacement l/Min: 195 ..

R 3,353.40 Ex Tax: R 2,916.00

Spray Gun High Press Matair

SPRAY GUNThis product has been checked by EIS, and we offer it to you with full confidence in its ability to serve your specific industrial or DIY needs. EIS distributes engineering & industrial s..

R 328.20 Ex Tax: R 285.39

Spray Gun Mini T/Up Matair

Gravity Feed Spray Gun - Touch up   Gravity feed spray gun for small touch up applications     Hobbyist use   Bowl size 200 ml   Maximum press..

R 316.95 Ex Tax: R 275.61