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Duracell Re-Charge Bat Aa 4P

Duracell Re-chargeable Batteries   AA    4 piece    Duracell Rechargeable batteries combine high capacity with the unique duralock technology, keeping your batt..

R 220.46 Ex Tax: R 191.70

Battery Remote Mn21 Duracell 2Pc

Remote Batteries    Pack of 2    12V  A23    Duracell     Disposable batteries are mainly used in electronic devices that use little en..

R 45.95 Ex Tax: R 39.96

Duracell Bat Mn1400 Med 2Pc

Pack of 2 - Duracell Batteries   MN1400     Medium    The alkaline battery system is the first choice for most high performance applications.   Durace..

R 91.30 Ex Tax: R 79.39

Duracell Battery Aa Penl 4Pc Mn1500

Pack of 4 - Duracell Batteries   AA Penlight     MN1500     Ensure all your devices are functioning for long periods of time.   batteries run for long..

R 80.43 Ex Tax: R 69.94

Duracell Battery Aaa 4Pc

Pack of 4 - Duracell Batteries    AAA     Duracell AAA batteries are an ideal power solution for a broad range of everyday devices such as cameras, TV remotes and many ot..

R 80.43 Ex Tax: R 69.94

Duracell Battery Mn1604 Pp3 9V

Duracell Battery    PP3   9V    MN1604    Nominal voltage: 9 V  Impedance: 1,700 m-ohm @ 1 kHz  Typical weight: 45 g (1.6 oz)..

R 88.32 Ex Tax: R 76.80

Duracell Battmn1300 Torch 2Pce

Pack of 2 - Duracell Batteries MN1300    Torch    Voltage: 1.5V  alkaline50% extra life    ..

R 82.50 Ex Tax: R 71.74