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Hacksaw Professional Mitco

Mitco Hacksaw - professional   A hacksaw is a type of hand tool designed specifically for cutting through materials such as plastic, and other metals.   They are a variant of the ..

R 238.14 Ex Tax: R 207.08

Marking Pen Assorted 72P Mitco

Mitco Assorted Mini Marking pens   72 pieces in plastic container   Green, Blue and Red   Permanent     Used to write or mark on various surfa..

R 100.00 Ex Tax: R 86.96

Marking Pen Asstored 1P Mitco

Mitco Mini Marking pen   Sold loose - one unit only!   Green, Blue or Red   Permanent     Used to write or mark on various surfaces like metal..

R 2.00 Ex Tax: R 1.74

Punch Pin Set No.1 Mitco

Pin Punch Set   No.1   Mitco     General purpose punching use and for driving out damaged rivets, bolts and pins that are bound up in holes   ..

R 392.93 Ex Tax: R 341.68

Shifting Spanner 600Mm Mitco

Shifting Spanner - Mitco   Sku: MTC4800024   600mm   Wrench Adjustable (Shifting Spanner)   Adjustable wrench.   High quality steel.   Use o..

R 1,792.23 Ex Tax: R 1,558.46