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Hacksaw Professional Mitco

Mitco Hacksaw - professional   A hacksaw is a type of hand tool designed specifically for cutting through materials such as plastic, and other metals.   They are a variant of the ..

R 238.14 Ex Tax: R 207.08

Marking Pen Assorted 72P Mitco

Mitco Assorted Mini Marking pens   72 pieces in plastic container   Green, Blue and Red     Used to write or mark on various surfaces like metals, plastic..

R 99.71 Ex Tax: R 86.70

Marking Pen Asstored 1P Mitco

Mitco Mini Marking pen   Sold loose - one unit only!   Green, Blue or Red     Used to write or mark on various surfaces like metals, plastics, ceramics, w..

R 2.00 Ex Tax: R 1.74

Mitco Door Closer 35Kg

Screen door closer   35 kg   Mitco 7100002                                  ..

R 195.42 Ex Tax: R 169.93

Pipe Cleaning Brush 15-22Mm

Pipe Cleaning Brush   15 & 22mm brush   Pipe cleaner and deburer tube brush   Wire Brush   ..

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Punch Pin Set No.1 Mitco Out Of Stock

Punch Pin Set No.1 Mitco

Pin Punch Set   No.1   Mitco     General purpose punching use and for driving out damaged rivets, bolts and pins that are bound up in holes   ..

R 392.93 Ex Tax: R 341.68

Shifting Spanner 600Mm Mitco

Shifting Spanner - Mitco   Sku: MTC4800024   600mm   Wrench Adjustable (Shifting Spanner)   Adjustable wrench.   High quality steel.   Use o..

R 1,792.14 Ex Tax: R 1,558.38