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Soldering Iron 120W Weller

Weller Soldering Iron   120 Watts   Bent tip    Nickel- plated  Voltage: 230   Heavy duty irons for the professional user and light industri..

R 2,252.00 Ex Vat: R 1,958.26

Soldering Iron 200W Weller

Weller Soldering Iron     200 W     WEL0105         Soldering iron-heavy duty - si251     Suitable for heavy duty s..

R 2,787.00 Ex Vat: R 2,423.48

Soldering Iron 60W Weller

Weller Soldering Iron   60 Watts    Optimal precision and control   Quick tip change   Integrated safety rest   Versatile   High Visibi..

R 1,082.00 Ex Vat: R 940.87

Soldering Iron 80W Weller

Weller Soldering Iron  80 watt    A soldering iron is a hand tool used to heat solder, usually from an electrical supply at high temperatures above the melting point of the me..

R 1,863.00 Ex Vat: R 1,620.00