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Bostik 10Min Epoxy 32Ml

Super Epoxy Adhesive - Resin (16ml) and Hardener (16ml) USES: Excellent for bonding metals, ceramics, crockery, stone, rubber, glass, cement, leather and some plastics. This product has been checked ..

R 108.00 Ex Vat: R 93.91

Bostik Bath Sealant 90G Blist

Bostik Bath Sealant 90G Blist       Code: BST0040     Size: 90g    Permanently flexible     Fully waterproof white silicone sealant for..

R 79.60 Ex Vat: R 69.22

Bostik Blits Stik Gel Gl 3G

Bostik Blits Stik Gel Glue 3G    Code:  BST0029   Size: 3g    Non-drip. Gap-filling. Precision Bonding. Repair Adhesive &bsp;   Super quick, ..

R 43.70 Ex Vat: R 38.00

Bostik Car Sealant 90G Blist

Bostik Car Sealant        90g         Blist Code: BST0045     Flexible, fully waterproof black silicone sealant for vehicles ..

R 73.30 Ex Vat: R 63.74

Bostik Clear Adhesive 25Ml Tube

Bostik Clear all purpose Adhesive     25ml Code:   BST0005Acid Free - Non-warping      The all purpose household adhesive, which is clear, strong and ..

R 45.20 Ex Vat: R 39.30

Bostik Gasket Maker 90G Blist

Bostik Black Super Gasket Maker 90ml  Code:  BST0035Silicone Sealant    Form instant Gaskets. Non corrosive to metals. bsp;    Superior form-in-place BLACK..

R 281.70 Ex Vat: R 244.96

Bostik Home Sealant 90G Blist

Bostik Clear Home Silicone Sealant 90ml   Code: BST0050Mould resistant    The clear, all-purpose, permanently flexible   Completely waterproof and weatherpro..

R 73.11 Ex Vat: R 63.57

Bostik Marine Sealant 90G Blis

Bostik Marine Sealant   90g Code:  BST0055    Fish tank and aquarium assembly. Low shrinkage. &bsp;    The clear sealant for heavy duty marine work..

R 80.50 Ex Vat: R 70.00

Bostik Powermastik 310Ml White

Bostik Powermastik 310Ml White     Code: BST0084     Size: 310ml    Power Mastik - Permanent Flexible Sealant   Non-drying, 100% Waterproof seala..

R 133.80 Ex Vat: R 116.35