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Form - A - Gasket 45G No.2A

Form - A - Gasket 45G No.2A     Code: 194035     Size: 45grams           Non-Hardening     Pliable setting     ..

R 92.61 Ex Tax: R 80.53

Loctite 406 Ethyl Ca 20G

406 Loctite Ethyl Ca 20G      Code: 195759    Package Size: 20g      Trade Name: Loctite 406      Product Form: Liquid  ..

R 378.50 Ex Tax: R 329.13

Loctite 55 Pipe Sealing Cord 50Mt

Loctite 55 Pipe / Thread Sealing Cord   50m   Thread Sealing Cord - immediate full pressure sealing. Allows reliable re-adjustments. Loctite 55 is designed for sealing of metal..

R 182.64 Ex Tax: R 158.82

Loctite 8Vr Lock Nut 6Ml (242)

Loctite 8Vr Lock Nut 6Ml (242)    Code: 207266   Pack sizes: 6 ml    Servicetemperature range:-55C - +150C    Medium strength   Medium ..

R 87.31 Ex Tax: R 75.92

Loctite Bearings 10Grams 603

Loctite Bearings 10Grams 603   Code: 1967549   Capacity 10grams    Category: Anaerobic adhesives Retaing compound        Loctite 603 is..

R 414.03 Ex Tax: R 360.03

Loctite Black Gasket Maker 85G

Silicone Black Gasket Maker 85g   High strength silicone sealant. It offers good adhesion to a veriety of non-porous substrates such as glass, glazed ceramic tiles, aluminium and metal. ..

R 51.60 Ex Tax: R 44.87

Loctite Cya Adh Gen Pur 20G496

Loctite Cya Adhesive General Purpose 20G 496    Code: 1920910    Pack: 20grams    Brand: Loctite    Loctite 496 is a general purpose adhesiv..

R 280.27 Ex Tax: R 243.71

Loctite Cya Adh Rub/Pla 20G401 Out Of Stock

Loctite Cya Adh Rub/Pla 20G401

Loctite cyanoacrylate Adhesive Rubber/Plastic 20G 401    Code: 195758    Package Size: 20g   Trade Name: Loctite 401   Product Form: Liquid  &nbs..

R 285.72 Ex Tax: R 248.45

Loctite Flange Sealant 5900 300Ml

Loctite Flange Sealant 5900 300Ml    Code: L5900-75   Color: Black   Brand: Loctite     Pack Size: 300ml   Cure Through Volume: 0.098 in.&nb..

R 1,288.78 Ex Tax: R 1,120.68

Loctite Gasket Eliminat50G 510

510 Loctite - Flange Sealant     50g     Loctite 510 is a high temperature resistant anaerobic sealant which cures when confined in the absence of air between close-f..

R 605.88 Ex Tax: R 526.85

Loctite Gasket Flexible 50G518

518 Loctite - Flange Sealant     50g     Loctite 518 is a medium-strength, general purpose gasketing product with excellent contamination tolerance. Ideal for use on ..

R 782.22 Ex Tax: R 680.19

Loctite Gasket Shellac Sealer 55Ml

Loctite Gasket Shellac Sealer 55Ml    Code: 194056    Brand: Loctite    LOCTITE* Gasket Shellac Sealer is a heavy bodied, hard setting liquid sealant for g..

R 99.08 Ex Tax: R 86.16

Loctite Grinding Paste 34H

Loctite Grinding Paste 34H           Code: 194047      size: 85g      Brand: Loctite           Used ..

R 149.27 Ex Tax: R 129.80

Loctite Head & Block Sealer 500Ml

Loctite Block and Head Sealer     Code: 194051    Size: 500ml    LOCTITE* Block & Head Sealer is a ready to use heavy non-metallic liquid.   ..

R 236.98 Ex Tax: R 206.07

Loctite High 12 To 20Mm 10G270

Loctite High 12 To 20Mm 10G 270         Code: 1918245     Item Volume: 10 millilitres     Brand Name: Henkel     Compatible Materi..

R 307.90 Ex Tax: R 267.74

Loctite High Bearing 50G 603

603 Loctite Retaining Compund     50g     Retaining Compound - high strength. Ideal for bearings. For use on close-fitting cylindrical parts. High oil tolerance. Loct..

R 641.14 Ex Tax: R 557.51

Loctite High Over 20Mm 50G 277 On Special

Loctite High Over 20Mm 50G 277

Loctite High Over 20Mm 50G 277     Code: 88448    Container Size: 50mL    Applicable Materials: Metal     Base Type: Methacrylate  &nbs..

R 509.99 R 510.00 Ex Tax: R 443.48

Loctite High Und 20Mm 50G 270

Loctite High Und 20Mm 50G 2701    Code: 135281    Size: 50grams     Maximum thread size: Up to M20     Strength: High    Brea..

R 627.87 Ex Tax: R 545.97

Loctite High Und 20Mm 50G 272

Loctite High Und 20Mm 50G 272    Code: 1008095     Size: 50grams     Maximum thread size: Up to M80      Strength: High Breakaway torqu..

R 649.67 Ex Tax: R 564.93

Loctite Med Bolt/Nut 10G   243 On Special

Loctite Med Bolt/Nut 10G 243

Loctite Medium Bolt/Nut 10G 24   Brand: Loctite   Code: 1918246  Size: 10g     Loctite 243 is a medium strength general-purpose thread locker which secures..

R 250.00 R 250.00 Ex Tax: R 217.39

Loctite Med Bolt/Nut 50G   243 On Special

Loctite Med Bolt/Nut 50G 243

Loctite Medium Bolt/Nut 50G 243    Code: 1677003    Brand: Loctite   Maximum thread size: M36   Strength: Medium   Breakaway torque M10 bolt..

R 480.00 R 480.00 Ex Tax: R 417.39

Loctite Mild Screw 50G 222-31

Loctite Mild Screw 50G 222-31    Code: 195743   Brand: Loctite    Size: 50g    Loctite 222 is a low-strength thread locker that still permits scr..

R 692.29 Ex Tax: R 601.99

Loctite Penetrate 290 50G

Loctite Penetrate 290 50G    Code: LOC 290-50    Size: 50g    Color: Green   Fixture Time: 20 - 60 min.    Substrates: Metal: Bras..

R 599.70 Ex Tax: R 521.48

Loctite Red Gasket Maker 70/85G

Silicone Gasket Maker   Red   85g   High temperature. Silicone gasket maker.   Heat resistant up to 300ºC. Resistant to oil, water, and antifreeze. Seals, bonds..

R 64.77 Ex Tax: R 56.32

Loctite Seal&Lock 50G Hp 542

Loctite Seal&Lock 50G Hp 542     Code: 193990     Size: 50grams     Maximum pipe size: 3/4"     Disassembly strength: Medium   ..

R 620.82 Ex Tax: R 539.84

Loctite Steel Epoxy Stick 113G

METAL STEEL EPOXY - LoctiteEA 3463113g Used for: repairing non-structural defects in casting, emergency repairs on tanks, repairing pipes etc. Steel filled, kneadable epoxy repair putty with..

R 340.07 Ex Tax: R 295.71

Loctite Struct Adh 324 50G

Loctite Structural Adhesive 324 50G       Code: 88478     Package Size: 50ml     Brand: Loctite    Loctite Number: AA 324    ..

R 734.53 Ex Tax: R 638.72

Loctite Tef Sl/Lock T/Th50G572

572 Loctite Sealant     50g     Medium strength thread sealant for coarse threads on metal pipes and fittings. Slow curing to allow adjustment after sealant applicati..

R 637.20 Ex Tax: R 554.09

Loctite Tef Sl/Lock T/Th50G577 Out Of Stock

Loctite Tef Sl/Lock T/Th50G577

577 Loctite Pipe Sealant     50g     Medium-strength, general purpose thread sealant for straight/straight and straight/taper threads and fittings. Fills the space be..

R 566.90 Ex Tax: R 492.96

Loctite Universal Ahdesive 3G 401

Loctite Universal Ahdesive 3G 401     Code: 87993    Package Size: 3g        Trade Name: Loctite 401    Product Form: Liquid ..

R 93.05 Ex Tax: R 80.91

Loctite V/Hg Gear&Pul 50G 638

638 Loctite Retaining Compund     50g     Loctite 638 is a high strength, fast curing, general purpose retaining compound. Loctite 638 is designed for the bonding of ..

R 628.13 Ex Tax: R 546.20

Loctite Vh/S H/Temp 50G 648

648 Loctite Retaining Compund     50g     Loctite 648 is a low viscosity, high strength retaining compound with high temperature resistance. Ideal for retention of pa..

R 627.27 Ex Tax: R 545.45

Ultra Grey F/A/Gasket 70Ml 5699

Loctite Gasket Maker - SI 5699 Grey     70ml     High performance RTV Silicone gasket maker. Meets or Exceeds OEM Specifications. Low Odor / Non-corrosive. Outstanding..

R 117.96 Ex Tax: R 102.57