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Belt Dressing F/G 400Ml S/J

Spanjaard Belt Dressing    Food Grade 400ml   Spanjaard Belt Dressing (Food Grade) is a tacky antislip formulation which adheres to all belt materials increasing traction and..

R 119.40 Ex Vat: R 103.83

Chain Lube F/G 400Ml S/J

Spanjaard Synthetic Chain Lube HT   Food Grade 400ml   Spanjaard Synthetic Chain Lube HT (Food Grade) is a synthetic ester based lubricant for lubrication and protection of chain ..

R 261.90 Ex Vat: R 227.74

Grease Spray Fmg-X Fg 400Ml S/J

Spanjaard FMG-X : White Multi-Purpose Grease Spray  Food Grade  400ml   Spanjaard FMG-X White Multi-Purpose Grease Spray (Food Grade) is a premium quality water-resistant..

R 103.20 Ex Vat: R 89.74

Grease Tin Fmg-X Fg 500G S/J

Spanjaard FMG-X : White Multi-Purpose Grease Tin   Food Grade  500g   Spanjaard FMG-X White Multi-Purpose Grease (Food Grade) is a white, high-performance, multi-purpose ..

R 286.20 Ex Vat: R 248.87

Lectro Kleen F/G 400Ml S/J

Spanjaard Lectro Kleen   Food Grade   400ml     Spanjaard Lectro Kleen K2 is a non-flammable precision contact cleaner that provides a safe and convenient me..

R 315.20 Ex Vat: R 274.09

Silicone Paste Tin F/G 500G S/J

Spanjaard Silicone Paste    Food Grade   500gr tin  Spanjaard Silicone Paste (Food Grade) is a highly effective non-conductive, water-resistant, colourless, non-staining,..

R 377.80 Ex Vat: R 328.52

Silicone Spray F/G 400Ml S/J

Spanjaard Silicone Spray     Food Grade  400ml   Spanjaard Silicone Spray (Food Grade) is a highly effective silicone fluid in aerosol form.   Applications..

R 88.10 Ex Vat: R 76.61

Spark F/G 400Ml S/J

Spanjaard Spark   Food Grade  400ml   Spanjaard Spark (Food Grade) is a multi-purpose spray for use as a water displacing, penetrating, lubricating, cleaning and corrosio..

R 129.80 Ex Vat: R 112.87